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WATCH: Whitney Weddell, Kern County Supervisor District 2 candidate.

Oct. 4, 2018 – The Bakersfield Californian



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    “I am the recipient of multiple teaching awards as a middle and high school educator for nearly 30 years. I have also been a community advocate for as long as I can remember. I take pride in my ability to listen to people — their concerns and needs, regardless of politics or background — and then work on their behalf to find solutions. The diverse community of students that I have been fortunate to teach has helped me see that despite our differences, we can all work together to achieve common goals that promote prosperity, opportunity and equality. I would like the privilege to serve as your County Supervisor. I believe the residents of District 2 — like most of Kern County — worry about crucial public services, such as law enforcement, fire protection and roads. We deserve to feel safe. We deserve to have access to good-paying jobs. We deserve affordable housing. I will work to bridge public and private resources to improve these quality-of-life issues. I look forward to working with you to ensure that county government is responsive to our needs. Together, we can achieve our common goals.

I would be honored to earn your support and your vote. If I am elected to represent you, I will:


Work to attract living wage jobs to our district so that families don’t have to struggle to afford basic necessities.


Dedicate myself to ensuring we have equally accessible, quality education for our children — from elementary school to college and vocational training.


Help improve infrastructure; roads, sidewalks, water and sewer, to benefit our neighborhoods and attract new businesses.


Increase public safety, to help insure we all feel safe.

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